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My Home In Purple

As us long suffering Fremantle Docker fans have discovered over the near on thirty-year journey, this rebuilding, rewiring, replumbing and restumping game isn’t easy. You can’t cut corners, hide mistakes and continually just patch things up… God knows we’ve learnt that lesson numerous times the hard way.


It needs a strong foundation and a department of talented footballing contractors to trade in, out or up, to plan, to design, to execute and oversee every aspect of the build. You need a small, tight-knit loyal and competent group of people who understand the player market. You need relationship builders who possess a supreme ability to identify true value and you need everyone on the same page and performing their end goal contributing role.


Setbacks will inevitably occur and problems will arise, but it’s who you have in place to deal with them, is what secures you the pillars of success on the promised land.


So many of those required traits aren’t exclusively applicable to buying and selling football players and building and rebuilding football clubs. Substitute the term football clubs above with real estate, property development and enhancement and the exact same set of ideals apply.


Your home, or a home you wish to secure, will most probably be your biggest asset and largest investment in your life, so it is paramount you entrust the process of securing or selling it, to real people who understand the magnitude of what you’re doing, who share and wish to help create your dream.


We all know the real estate agent game is a tricky and often treacherous minefield. Agents of a certain ilk are a dime a dozen, but care, competence, compassion, and trust separate those you’d willingly engage and… well… the others.


I mean look, I don’t know about you, but there is just something I find a tad uneasy about the stereotypical big corporate, convertible Saab Turbo driving, single suit owning, Gumtree sourced Ray-Ban and Bali bought Rolex wearing middle-aged male sales rep named Chad, who's hair is slicked back with enough oil to kill a pod of dolphins, rolling up to your home, stepping out without socks, doing the douche bag finger guns and saying, “have I got a deal for you!”


Most people only sign up with such specimens because they’re choking to death on the agent’s own atmospheric cloud of Old Spice and, devoid of the social distancing policies, it is the fastest way to rid yourself of them, enabling you to breathe again.


In my experience their only allegiance is to theirs and the gigantic soul destroying national/multinational corporate master machine’s bottom line… and often other types of lines that we won’t go into.

Don't deal with Chad! You want honesty, competence, and people with integrity when it comes to buying, selling or renovating your home, so stay with us because we have just those very people.

With all the above been, much of it tongue in cheek, said, on a serious note, it is our absolute pleasure to be able to announce that Mi Casa Property Boutique has come on board The Restump for 2024 with generous support.


Mi Casa is a small boutique agency owned by Renee Broadway and Susan Lam (pictured below). They run a small team of very sharp and knowledgeable agents and, while based in Applecross, they cover the metro area, priding themselves on having a depth of always up to date market knowledge and an emphatic focus on client service.


Renee also heads up Mi Casa Property Boutique’s renovation arm of the business, called Elevate by Mi Casa. They make what can be a daunting prospect, incredibly smooth and enjoyable as they remove the stress by handling all of the processes, while working closely with you to achieve amazing results.

Their results are nothing short of spectacular and are testament to the team’s ability and vision. Being a 2024 Real Estate Business Innovator finalist, it speaks volumes and it is easy to see why when you have a look at one of their transformations in Applecross below.


Quite simply we couldn’t be more grateful for Mi Casa Property Boutique’s support and we’re a little bit honoured they’ve gotten behind us.

As Fremantle fans we know what it is like to be the little guys in town and not some giant corporate uber-wealthy club that sees their members solely as bar codes. So, that's why we're really excited to partner with a small, highly ethical independent business in the Fremantle surrounding suburbs. It is the type of business and wonderful people we have waited for and wanted to partner with.


So, with Mi Casa Property Boutique supporting The Restump, we’d love any listeners who are thinking of buying, selling or renovating a home, to give them a call, have a meeting with any of the great folk there and let them know you’re a Restump listener.


At The Restump we subscribe to the philosophy of 'what goes around comes around.' It’s the supportive circle of life – So, Mi Casa Property Boutique are supporting us, listeners hopefully support them and if you do we’ll make sure we support you.


We thank Mi Casa Property Boutique for joining us, we hope the partnership brings meaningful results and we look forward to the year with their support.


It has been a magnificent start to the season on the field as it is the first time since 2015 we have started two and zero. Three in a row becomes a trend so let's make this coming Good Friday a Greater Friday and put the crows away in the same manner as we have done the Lions and the Kangas.

In fact, thinking about it..... put your house on Freo to beat the Crows! if we lose…. just ring Mi Casa Property Boutique and they'll find you another one.  

The Mi Casa Property Boutique Team

Contact Details

Level 2, 2/791 Canning Hwy, Applecross

Phone (08) 9339 7079

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