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Be Kind To The Blind

I don’t think I am overstating it when I say this is why the entire western world is in a mess! Anyone who advocates or votes for censorship or regulated language because you’re personally offended by everything, this is partly on you! We’ve suffered the consequential 4-point loss because we’ve arrived at bottom of that slippery slope many warned about!


Am I overreacting? Well, it depends where we are as individual purple people on the therapeutic path back to sanity. Clearly, I haven’t yet taken the first step onto that road to recovery. So, the answer to own my semi-rhetorical question… No, there is no over-reaction from yours truly. On the contrary, I am simply acting in an appropriate manner and, if anything, I’m showing too much compassion for the four blind eternally offended mice!


Now we don’t want to venture down that dark path of verbally bashing umpires because you have to behave with decorum, especially in times when you’ve been blatantly crucified.


Having said that, there is always an exception to the rule and there is a time and place for everything.


Hypothetically speaking, if this were to be that exception and if the time was now and the place was here, then you’d have to ask why not one of the four fluoro green clad wood ducks could see the ball deflect at right angles off of Aish’s shoulder?


The ball hit Jimmy Aish that hard he now has to go for scans and may require a shoulder reconstruction!

And it is no coincidence that the rare earth quake that occurred in New York was just moments after the ball hit his shoulder! All true stories, if you take our solid word for it and don’t look them up. 


As if that wasn’t detrimental enough, we then have to suffer the game ending consequences because one of the brittle little insecure stooges had his feelings hurt by a guy that uses a ladder to pick strawberries!


I actually got a lip reader in and showed them the footage. Apparently, all Jordy Clark said was “do you guys use those same brown paper bags to carry your lunch in?”


Umpires are umpires because they couldn’t truly make it as footballers and the only other profession they have the personality for are parking inspectors! So, they cop the $126k a year base salary to theatrically ponce about on a footy field with an overinflated sense of entitlement and self-worth, inserting themselves into games at crucial moments to get their Kath Day-Knight “look at me” moment!


And this is evidenced by former umpire Michael Pell somehow having the gall and the monumental lack of self-awareness to put forward his insider trading earned 2 cents worth!


Michael Pell is the Alanis Morissette of the AFL, he doesn’t understand irony. He doesn’t even understand his own irony. I mean what compels, or should that be comPells, you to believe you’re righteously riding your high horse on your own moral high ground from which you have the audacity to attack Clarky’s character? The guy got sacked for alleged brownlow betting conspiracies!


Imagine George being the Pell that has the second least amount arrogance, ignorance and self-awareness in the world!


And what was the AFL’s response to all this? “Yes, unfortunately not one of the half a million dollar costing eight officiating eyes saw the deflection off James Aish’s shoulder which destroyed Fremantle Docker fans’ souls, cost the club four points, a home win away and the opportunity to go four and zero.... but don’t be mean to us.”


All that is probably what we’d say if, like Ross Lyon, we weren’t dealing in hypotheticals. Look we’re not tarring all umpires with the same brush. It’s just that they’re like West Coast Eagle fans how 99% of them give the rest of them a bad name.


We’ll work through the trauma and come out the other side with another unbelievable series of events story to tell and we’ll come to accept, respect and tolerate umpires again. But if anyone knows Elon Musk, can you ask him to develop an AFL umpire eradicating artificial intelligence asap?

Apparently it is only dissent if your name is Jordan Clark.

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1 Comment

Apr 08

Well said Chief!

What a soul-destroying effort the last few minutes of that game was to watch!

On the one hand, the viewer was treated to a great game of physical no-holds-barred game of Aussie Rules footy.

On the other hand,what can I say, other than Freo has had a history of presenting itself with character-building opportunities.

On another part of my brain, I follow and support A.S. Roma (in the first division, or Serie A, of Italy's soccer league). I am not digressing here, as Roma supporters these days label the sort of event which affected Freo on Saturday as a "Roma Happening".

We Freo supporters are learning (still) about the "Freo Happenings" that the universe foists onto us;…

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