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Elevating The Mi Casa Comp

We got on to the Mi Casa Property competition ladder as first-time competition buyers, but we’ve quickly outgrown it. So, we’ve gone away, done the numbers and decided it’s time to make some DIY improvements. In a similar, but nowhere near as talented way to how Elevate By Mi Casa renovates homes to increase their functionality and value, we’ve applied a renovation to the Mi Casa metres gained competition.


The Mi Casa Property Boutique metres gained competition to date was shown to be highly restrictive in regards to the number of players that were genuine contenders for most metres. And in this new dictatorial world where you almost get the death penalty for any perceived lack of diversity and inclusiveness, we thought we better fall into line. Everyone must win today…. or at least be counted or celebrated or recognised!


So, while it’s too early to say upgrade, we’ve given the competition a bit of a makeover, a touch up, a renovation, a coat of inclusive paint…. dare we say a restump?

No doubt, when our less than handy-work goes pear shaped, we'll kick ourselves for not putting the project in the hands of the girls from Elevate by Mi Casa (pictured right). Learn from our inevitable mistakes and get the girls to do your



Anyway, we’ve introduced a golf like handicap system, which provides an equality of opportunity for all. (Surely, we’ll be awarded social credit points for that?)


To be brutally honest, we just wanted to liven up the comp by increasing the number of winnable options and, at the same time, create the opportunity for jackpots. I mean who isn’t taken in by the word jackpot?


Whether we’ve hit the nail on the head remains to be seen, but we’ll wheel it out and see what the results turn up.


So, for those that understand the handicap system, you’re good to go. For those that don’t, hang in there and we’ll take you through it.


With the handicap system, as you can see on the following graphic, players are assigned a plus metres or a minus metres figure. At this stage only Luke Ryan has a minus metres figure.


So, you have a look at the list and the coinciding handicap figures and then make your guesstimate with the handicap figure in mind.


For example, let us say you choose the captain Alex Pearce. Now straight away you’re going to think, “No way, Pearce rarely gets any decent metres in any given quarter.” But then you apply the +135 metres. So, you’ve got a 135 metre head start.


So, say you pick Alex Pearce for 60 metres. At the conclusion of the quarter the 135 metres is added to your prediction, which means you’ve got Alex Pearce for 195 metres.


If you picked Luke Ryan for, say 200 metres. The handicap of minus 13 metres then gets applied so you’ve actually got Luke Ryan for 187 metres. Quite simply Luke Ryan starts off at -13 metres.


This system will hopefully see a much wider spread of players chosen. We won’t have nailed the correct handicap figures for everyone so there probably is value there you can exploit. This may be confusing for some people, but you’ll pick it up pretty quickly.


It goes without saying that there is a heightened risk this may spectacularly blow up in our faces, but the competition needed an injection of entertaining confusion, some Chris Connolly pizazz! And what do we always say at The Restump? If it’s not in disarray, you’re not doing it right.


Let’s roll the dice and see what eventuates. Whatever the case the Mi Casa Property Boutique metres gained competition will still deliver 2 Brothers Foods prizes.

If you haven't gotten involved in the competition as yet, all the further details are on the week's competition post on our social media pages, either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and all entries have to be placed under that post.


Best of luck to anyone who gets involved in these purple shenanigans!

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